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Excellent art styles!

I'm afraid I don't have much to add to the wave of positive feedback this animation has already received. My favorite was the fairly odd parents, mainly because the eye and eyebrow movemonts mimicked the show's style so well it felt, if only for a moment, like I was watching the show.

The music was really awesome, too! I know you credited "coova" as the song source, but if you could include the link to the song itself somewhere in the description it would be appreciated. I really like that song...

I don't know what to suggest for your final animation; I feel that many great styles have already been suggested. I would suggest making the character become a robot, similar in style to the robots in "Tarboy".
Another idea, if it hasn't been suggested yet, would be to use a pokemon.

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VieRickend responds:

The music was downloaded from the 8bitcollective website, which is now dead. If I could find a link, I would, but I haven't found one yet. Just search "Reformat The Planet by Coova", see what you can find

An emotionally charged yet ingeniously simple plot

I have always believed that plots can run deeper than what's on the surface, even if it means that the creator(s) of the film are unaware of it. In this case, the fire and water are elements, and their foe is an enormous tower. Without any provocation whatsoever, the tower stomps water and her death drives fire, an already volatile character, into a violent reaction. When fire triumphs, the being operating the tower, a terminator-like robot, becomes human. I feel that this is a story of morality and the core elements of what makes us human. There's even more in the plot that I can see, such as the almost-but-not-quite happiness between the elements without human intervention.

Spectacular animation effects remind me of "Prelude to Eden", and the music feels like it was meant to be there, and not just thrown in. The robot/human really broke the abstract framework and made the ending unexpected, but still welcome.


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Very nice!

I love the fast pace! Usually, people need to make simplistic/stickman characters to achieve such fast action, but your characters had plenty of detail. I like the character designs, and I can't wait to see more! My favorite scene was the slow-motion spinning strike on the enemy suspended in midair at the very beginning.

I was a little disappointed that it was so short and ended so abruptly. I usually don't like dividing my cartoons into separate parts. Oh well.

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Perfect in every way!

Where do I start...

Plot was interesting, I couldn't see what the ending would be until it happened.
Voice acting was crystal clear and the dialog was hilarious!
Animation and lip-sync were smooth, and facial expressions were very funny when they were supposed to be.
Attention to details that most people would miss the first time they watched it were very well made.
Character design was brilliant!
Trippy fairy scene was, as people below me have said, similar to TV shows like chowder.
References to other random things like Minecraft and Chuck's New Tux were fun for the observant eyes and ears.
LazyMuffin was in it.
Respectably long video, it wasn't just a single buildup to a single joke.
Little sister what's-her-face projectile-cried through her glasses.
You made a misleadingly simplistic plot have a depth that's almost unthinkable.

...these are the reasons why this definitely deserves a 10/10 and a 5/5. This was AWESOME and I've watched it over 5 times so far!


Very nice!

I loved the animation, and although the story was simplistic, I still liked it. The Bitey-ness of the cartoon comes from the main character, who strongly resembles Bitey. His movement and the environment are different from Bitey; Bitey moves fast and tends to avoid trees, while this character uses them to build momentum, propelling him around. The environment is a little less alien compared to Brackenwood, which is nice, too.

Breaking down the story, the only 'alien' other than the main character was the tree trunk flower. It seems that the main character disrupts the balance of nature, and the alien plant corrects it. I might be poking at something that isn't there, but that's just what I see here.

A very well done cartoon.

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RiverJordan responds:

That's a cool perspective on it, i never thought about it like that. Good stuff man. Thanks for the great review!


This deserves a much higher score. I like the drawing style (it kind of reminds me of mine, LOL) and although it's short, I know how difficult it is to animate an action scene. This cartoon was very fun to watch, and like Allroy said, it's very re-playable.

great video!

Animation: 10/10
Art: 10/10
Music choice: 10/10
Awesomeness: 10/10
Castle Crashers: 9001/10
Behemoth: An excessively obese chicken/10
Replayability: 10/10

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To everyone who complains...

...you should really look at Hullalaoo's other cartoons. All of his cartoons have strange body proportions, awkward movements, crappy english, and funny faces and noises. This is just Hullalaoo's style of animating, and I think that it's very original and awesome.

It's clear to see that A LOT of work went into this cartoon. I especially liked the beginning with the pigeon, and the bizarre fighting style and demented smile piconjo had as he fought the NG characters (aka 'Pico Team', as he called it).

Sometimes, an anticlimactic ending is as good as a climactic one, and this was the case in this cartoon. Overall, there's no reason to give this anything less than a 10/10.

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Well directed.

The great and interesting way in which this was directed made this video stand out. I can't stop watching it. The facial expressions are very well made, and the quote at the end, "don't miss a lifetime of happiness for a moment of indulgence" is my new phrase on my userpage. The animation style was very effective and the animation was great. Last, but certainly not least, the content and message was full of meaning. I know many people who smoke; some that are trying to quit and some who aren't. As I write this I've watched this video five times, and I don't intend to stop anytime soon.

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jackbliss responds:

"...for a moment of indulgence." Wow I just checked it! It's an honor. It's not easy to quit smoking but remember it only gets harder with time and so do the consequences. Glad you liked the simple animation style and the content (which to me is always more important) Thanks for the great detailed review :)


The animation is very smooth and well made! I like the...the...everything!


The music and overall theme of the movie seemed kind of creepy, but left me feeling more sad than scared. The same seamless, fluid animating that is found in all your other cartoons is still here, the story is fantastic, and I especially love the directing and character designs.

I like drawing and animating and programming and writing and directing and producing and showing people what I made and playing video games and watching movies and reading and being awesome.

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