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Excellent art styles!

I'm afraid I don't have much to add to the wave of positive feedback this animation has already received. My favorite was the fairly odd parents, mainly because the eye and eyebrow movemonts mimicked the show's style so well it felt, if only for a moment, like I was watching the show.

The music was really awesome, too! I know you credited "coova" as the song source, but if you could include the link to the song itself somewhere in the description it would be appreciated. I really like that song...

I don't know what to suggest for your final animation; I feel that many great styles have already been suggested. I would suggest making the character become a robot, similar in style to the robots in "Tarboy".
Another idea, if it hasn't been suggested yet, would be to use a pokemon.

VieRickend responds:

The music was downloaded from the 8bitcollective website, which is now dead. If I could find a link, I would, but I haven't found one yet. Just search "Reformat The Planet by Coova", see what you can find

An emotionally charged yet ingeniously simple plot

I have always believed that plots can run deeper than what's on the surface, even if it means that the creator(s) of the film are unaware of it. In this case, the fire and water are elements, and their foe is an enormous tower. Without any provocation whatsoever, the tower stomps water and her death drives fire, an already volatile character, into a violent reaction. When fire triumphs, the being operating the tower, a terminator-like robot, becomes human. I feel that this is a story of morality and the core elements of what makes us human. There's even more in the plot that I can see, such as the almost-but-not-quite happiness between the elements without human intervention.

Spectacular animation effects remind me of "Prelude to Eden", and the music feels like it was meant to be there, and not just thrown in. The robot/human really broke the abstract framework and made the ending unexpected, but still welcome.


Very nice!

I love the fast pace! Usually, people need to make simplistic/stickman characters to achieve such fast action, but your characters had plenty of detail. I like the character designs, and I can't wait to see more! My favorite scene was the slow-motion spinning strike on the enemy suspended in midair at the very beginning.

I was a little disappointed that it was so short and ended so abruptly. I usually don't like dividing my cartoons into separate parts. Oh well.

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A beautiful game without the expected clutter. No highscores, or score at all for that matter. No dialogue, no backstory and no cutscenes. Deceptively simple text tells you to click for a wish, and suddenly you become that wish, or a guide to that wish as it travels across the sky. I felt a strange mix of emotions I rarely feel from movies and games.

I felt a sad desperation, as if every option before wishing had already been exhausted.
I felt confused. As the description asks, can a bigger falling star make a wish more likely to come true? How can a wish help?
I felt a motivation. Is this guiding of a wish symbolic for making your dreams into reality? I like this idea.

Great art, amazing music. The smallest and strongest story I've seen in a while.

BeardshakerGames responds:

We are so happy about your great feedback, because you are describing a lot of the emotions we intended to express with this small 'game poem'. Thank you! :)


What could be better than running down an improbably long street as a giant transforming attack robot with a lazer gun destroying everything in your way? Running down an improbably long street as a giant transforming attack robot with a lazer gun destroying everything in your way in 3D!


I was always a fan of this series, but I had played the games before I had a NG account, so I couldn't leave any reviews.
This is by far the best riddle school game; without spoiling anything, the plotline is much deeper than "I wanna get out of school", and the puzzles are quite tricky. I am thoroughly satisfied with this epic ending to such an amazing series. I would also like to compliment you on your directing in the cutscenes, and your great choice of music. As far as I could tell, the game was bug-free, the puzzles were addicting, and the storyline was fascinating.

JonBro responds:

"Bug-free" might be true, but the beta-testers are still finding issues with my grammar :(

Thank you very much for the review!

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Very encompassing.

This arrangement sounds very cinematic, and it's range of melodies bring me around Hyrule to save the world, albeit in a two-and-a-half minute adventure. The pacing feels very awesome, and Zelda's lullaby at 1:20 provides a nice break in the action, as if to stop and take in the scenery. That last note at 2:36 is fun and cheery, and really brings the fun of Zelda into an already adventurous piece of music. I'll admit, I'm no musician (I'm an animator/filmmaker, mostly) so I can't use technical terms or give constructive criticism, but I really love this piece, and not just because I'm a Zelda fan. The arrangement is fantastic and really sings straight to the fun, adventurous core of The Legend of Zelda.

Something about this song...

This song is a brilliant mix of sweet and sinister. This makes me imagine some sort of twisted carnival paper mario level.

The song has a range of emotions, which is quite impressive; From 0 - 12 seconds, the music has sinister vibes, but cheers up until about 32 seconds. 32 - 48 seems sad to me. The song then flashes cheerful for just a moment before finishing off sinister again.

I really don't know what to make of this, except that it's awesome!


Not much to say, really, but I like the tune and it loops well. This tune sounds to me more aggressive and upbeat, like you're scarier than the ghosts. It's less creepy and more epic, like a boss fight against a giant ghost monster!

SinclairStrange responds:

Thankies for that comment! ^-^. Aye, I composed it while thinking of an shooting/run'n'gun game, and that you had like ghosts coming out of the walls in all directions. Also you've given me an idea for a piece of music, 'cause I rather fancy making boss music to go along with this now. Thanks again =)

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YES!!! Love this design!

With such amazing shading and texturing, you can really understand the leather, rubber, and metal components. I can imagine the inside of the helmet just by looking at the exterior, which definitely means that the design is both captivating and believable. In fact, I don't think this picture is about the marine at all: just a picture to showcase his awesome helmet!

Aside from the helmet, this picture shows the viewer the minimalistic design of the marine's outfit, indicating that the marine needs little more than a weapon or two. The marine's physical build, if taken as a generalization, indicates that the marines are trained to run fast and far, as well as to remain in motion whenever possible. The smoky environment would indicate debris/aftermath, but it's unclear who the victor was.

The purpose of the smoky upper-body angle is likely to showcase the helmet. I've always thought that this design would make sense for a high-grade helmet in the future. Rather than exposing the eyes and ears, this helmet appears to offer sensors (I think the one on his forehead is a moving, eyeball-like camera, the blue dots on his face are either laser or ultrasonic sensors for judging distance, and the two sensors below his ears are for receiving sound) to fully protect the wearer without compromising his/her senses. In cover-based combat, the only exposed surface is your head, so having a bulletproof face will undoubtedly help you fight off aliens (or whatever it is they're doing in the future).

FarturAst responds:

Your thoughts are on the point. This illustration was only about the helmet-design. The blue lights are cameras and sensores, thats also true. :)


It has a very children's-book charm in its innocent protagonists and watercolor style. The dominant color of this piece is a bright sky blue emitted by the spider's eyes, making a scene that could have been terrifying into something much more heartfelt. This mood is what makes this piece so amazing.

Bold and unusual choices have been made for the spider's design. His forelegs appear to be denser and more durable then the rest of him, presumably so he can smash his legs through the cave walls. His mouth and head shapes are cool and unique, as well as the previously mentioned eyes.

The trio facing the spider are distinguished by their body language. They all appear to be small children; a small girl, a slightly older boy, and a baby.

The boy is clearly the boldest of the three, being the closest to the spider and staring into its face. The baby views the boy as a protective figure and holds on to his leg. The boy holds a lantern in one hand and the girl's hand with the other, suggesting he is a heroic, guiding character. He holds the lantern high in spite of the fact that its light is negligible compared to the light of the spider's eyes.

The girl is the most timid of the three. She dares not look at the spider, and instead fixes her gaze straight ahead. Her knees are slightly bent, suggesting that she is either weak with fear or eager to run away.

The baby, in my opinion, is the most sensible of the three. The baby looks up at the spider with the same curiosity as the boy, but the baby is also afraid, like the girl.

I could, of course, be misinterpreting everything, but this is just what I see when I look at it. The lines do not restrict the colors, and coloring outside the lines has been encouraged. The art style is fantastic, the story is mysterious, the characters are told with distinction and subtlety, and the atmosphere is an innocent, heartfelt, enigmatic, ominous and awesome experience.

I know I ramble too much, but when I review things I like to address everything I see and thoroughly interpret it for myself.

TLDR: This is a beautiful piece. I really love everything about it.

skullzNHERO responds:

I love the way you see the story, and as long as you feel that there is a tale to be said here, your interpretation is spot on! :) Thanks for this! This review made my day :D


This made me laugh. It's a long shot from the greatest drawing in the history of mankind, but it made me laugh uncontrollably. I don't know how Keanu Reeves became a tumor on the head of a trenchcoat-clad alligator, but it is so full of derp that I will never envision Wayne's parents the same way again. Thank you for this hideous, amazing gift to humanity.

I like drawing and animating and programming and writing and directing and producing and showing people what I made and playing video games and watching movies and reading and being awesome.

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