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human marine human marine

Rated 5 / 5 stars

YES!!! Love this design!

With such amazing shading and texturing, you can really understand the leather, rubber, and metal components. I can imagine the inside of the helmet just by looking at the exterior, which definitely means that the design is both captivating and believable. In fact, I don't think this picture is about the marine at all: just a picture to showcase his awesome helmet!

Aside from the helmet, this picture shows the viewer the minimalistic design of the marine's outfit, indicating that the marine needs little more than a weapon or two. The marine's physical build, if taken as a generalization, indicates that the marines are trained to run fast and far, as well as to remain in motion whenever possible. The smoky environment would indicate debris/aftermath, but it's unclear who the victor was.

The purpose of the smoky upper-body angle is likely to showcase the helmet. I've always thought that this design would make sense for a high-grade helmet in the future. Rather than exposing the eyes and ears, this helmet appears to offer sensors (I think the one on his forehead is a moving, eyeball-like camera, the blue dots on his face are either laser or ultrasonic sensors for judging distance, and the two sensors below his ears are for receiving sound) to fully protect the wearer without compromising his/her senses. In cover-based combat, the only exposed surface is your head, so having a bulletproof face will undoubtedly help you fight off aliens (or whatever it is they're doing in the future).

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FarturAst responds:

Your thoughts are on the point. This illustration was only about the helmet-design. The blue lights are cameras and sensores, thats also true. :)

The Itsy Bitsy Spider The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Rated 5 / 5 stars


It has a very children's-book charm in its innocent protagonists and watercolor style. The dominant color of this piece is a bright sky blue emitted by the spider's eyes, making a scene that could have been terrifying into something much more heartfelt. This mood is what makes this piece so amazing.

Bold and unusual choices have been made for the spider's design. His forelegs appear to be denser and more durable then the rest of him, presumably so he can smash his legs through the cave walls. His mouth and head shapes are cool and unique, as well as the previously mentioned eyes.

The trio facing the spider are distinguished by their body language. They all appear to be small children; a small girl, a slightly older boy, and a baby.

The boy is clearly the boldest of the three, being the closest to the spider and staring into its face. The baby views the boy as a protective figure and holds on to his leg. The boy holds a lantern in one hand and the girl's hand with the other, suggesting he is a heroic, guiding character. He holds the lantern high in spite of the fact that its light is negligible compared to the light of the spider's eyes.

The girl is the most timid of the three. She dares not look at the spider, and instead fixes her gaze straight ahead. Her knees are slightly bent, suggesting that she is either weak with fear or eager to run away.

The baby, in my opinion, is the most sensible of the three. The baby looks up at the spider with the same curiosity as the boy, but the baby is also afraid, like the girl.

I could, of course, be misinterpreting everything, but this is just what I see when I look at it. The lines do not restrict the colors, and coloring outside the lines has been encouraged. The art style is fantastic, the story is mysterious, the characters are told with distinction and subtlety, and the atmosphere is an innocent, heartfelt, enigmatic, ominous and awesome experience.

I know I ramble too much, but when I review things I like to address everything I see and thoroughly interpret it for myself.

TLDR: This is a beautiful piece. I really love everything about it.

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skullzNHERO responds:

I love the way you see the story, and as long as you feel that there is a tale to be said here, your interpretation is spot on! :) Thanks for this! This review made my day :D

Truth Behind Batman's Parents Truth Behind Batman's Parents

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This made me laugh. It's a long shot from the greatest drawing in the history of mankind, but it made me laugh uncontrollably. I don't know how Keanu Reeves became a tumor on the head of a trenchcoat-clad alligator, but it is so full of derp that I will never envision Wayne's parents the same way again. Thank you for this hideous, amazing gift to humanity.

Finn the Human Finn the Human

Rated 5 / 5 stars

He'll cut you up and steal your TV!


I would jump for joy (not literally, but I would literally shout aloud "This is so awesome!) if, for an episode, something causes Finn and Jake to go all "gears of war" on all the bad guys in a Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde transformation, as depicted in your splendiferous drawing above.
A transformation would become obvious to viewers by the ruffled hat, detailed eyes and fingers, as well as the chest muscles, similar to the looney tunes episodes where Tweety becomes an eight-foot-tall monster.

...I got a little sidetracked there. Let me refocus on your drawing:
particles are a nice touch: the blood, pieces from his hat, and flakes/hairs on his skin form a nice motion effect as he steps forward to swing his sword.
Facial details are unusual and unique. I'm not entirely sure what motivated you to draw them that way but regardless it looks epic.
His hand pose is uncertain, possibly suggesting that either he has lost his knowledge of using a sword, or he is in a crazed state where he couldn't care less. Presumably the latter.
The lines beneath the pectoral muscles look like his rib cage, suggesting that his muscular build comes solely from swinging his arms. A detail some people might miss, but it's cool if you can recognize it.
Seams in his hat, as well as a knot under his chin conclude the mystery of how his hat fits around his face.
Although it's partially cut off, I would suggest more detail in his legs. Maybe a pocket and more shading.

Love the drawing! =)

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jouste responds:

wow what an info packed review!

thanks for all that excellent observation. I may do a few mroe of these in this style so i'll try and keep that in mind!


steam freak steam freak

Rated 5 / 5 stars

SO awesome

Awesome choice of colors! A unique palette that provides viewers with something new and unique to look at. Your design is both really cool for making bold moves and brilliant for giving character to a robot. The problem with most robots is that they have either no expression at all or exaggerated, overdone features such as giant metal eyebrows and large lens eyes. You have solved this problem by giving the robot a vividly expressive lower half and a beady-eyed and blank upper half; a duo in the form of a single entity.

I won't talk about composition since there is no background, but nonetheless the pose is full of implied motion and I imagine that it must have been very difficult to pull off.

I find your robot design and lighting/shading colors to be bold and fun. They remind me of the golden age of game design at the dawn of 3D games such as Rayman (the lower half of your robot strongly resembles a pirate skull from said game), DK64 and Conker. If I saw this character in a video game, I would say aloud even if nobody was nearby, 'this design is so cool!' and proceed to watch its smug grin/ evil laugh every time it killed me with that awesome chain axe.

PR: Spider-man suite redesign PR: Spider-man suite redesign

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awesome design!

Spiderman is one of my favorite comic book superheroes, and this suit really seems that it would be something spiderman would use. The basic front and back views are good to show the details of the suit, but it's the crouched picture on the right that really explains it all. The plates on his abdominal muscles, for example, seemed strange and unfamiliar for spidey at first, but seeing the plates fit when he crouches like that shows how they would provide protection without compromising his maneuverability. The shoulders, web pack and remote are the perfect third color to bring into spiderman's suit (I would have played it safe and used black or white, which would have been boring) and I, for one, don't want to see any more detail than what you have already included (spikes, as you already mentioned, are cool, but I think that they are sometimes overused and don't seem to fit spiderman's personality. Metal bolts on the pieces would make the armor look too solid and rigid for spiderman, and any other decal I can think of just can't improve this awesome design!). I really like the materials used here. Blue is labelled 'X flexible', and I imagine that it's the usual cloth fabric Spiderman is used to wearing. Possibly a little thicker. The Red 'X resistant' material is in strong plates, but you can see on his arms in the crouched picture that the material is still a little bit flexible. I imagine that this is a thick, strengthened rubbery material. The yellow material, I imagine, is strongest of all but probably not flexible. I would also like to comment on the mask design. It forms angryfaic (if you aren't familiar with the character, he's an angry emoticon with angry eyebrows, large eyes, and a wide frown.) and once that is seen, it cannot be unseen. If I could make one small suggestion, it would be to change the mask shape, because when making a comic book or animated TV show or movie with this character, it's very difficult to convey any emotion other than anger with that menacing expression. When I saw the designers of Tron Legacy designing decals for the lightbikes, they made the 'good' lightbikes very neutral with vertical and horizontal lines, reserving the sharp angled lines for the 'evil' bikes.

P.S. Spikes, bolts and decals would look totally cool on a Venom redesign, though.
P.P.S. A Venom redesign would be totally awesome. Think about it!


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beastkid7 responds:

HEY tHanks! you hit the nail on the head my friend!

the reds not plates tho ...the idea was to have a form of flexible armor. The red is a type of synthetic material made to be extremely resilient and yet, reasonably flexible. While the blue is very flexible. I wanted them to compliment each other. So like in a battle, generally, only the blue would be getting ripped. But the reds not invincible.

Oh Snap! lol yeah I no what an angry faic is. It was an attempt at implying the original spider-man mask through "tech lines."

Oooo a Venom Design, you can get pretty crazy with that lol, this was for a contest though. I don't just usually do this, when my classes are dun you'll see more art from me though.

fishy memory fishy memory

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Epic climax scene!

An epic scene that would have been an awesome ending for the episode!

First thing I noticed was that this picture has a neat green leafy-goopy texture on everything, which is quite cool. Second thing I notice is that the fullview is VERY high-resolution. Srsly. This drawing fits the adventure time art style very well, and the elements of the drawing sum up the episode nicely. This should be the episode's opening art!

On an unrelated note, I'm a buff baby that can dance like a man.

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foamymuffin responds:

tyvm lol tht song kills me

Steambot's Walk Steambot's Walk

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Quite the nifty contraption!

I daresay that steambot fancies a stroll to see what hootenanny is afoot!

I notice that his top hat has gears along it. The hat, whilst coupled with that fetching monocle, is indicative of his trendiness amongst proper gents. Your robot design is very unique, and your coloring and shading are stylized and top-notch. Steambot's hands are the bee's knees; their form is just right and the knuckles are particularly distinguished and intriguing.

I'm running out of fancy words so... tally-ho and whatnot! :)

Tin Man Tin Man

Rated 5 / 5 stars

VERY nice!

I like pictures like this: the ones that have stories to tell. This robot is leaving a tall factory. Two possibilities are in my mind:
1. This robot is a mad dog, fresh out of the factory and itching to kill. His creators wisely chose to equip him with a sword, because with a gun in his hands he would be out of their control.
2. The robot is a humble construction robot, (note the arm straps, which I think could function as tool belts) who questioned his job. He accidentally uncovers the supercompany's evil intention to take over the world or something, and saves the day, defeating the would-be tyrannical overlords (judging by the blood on his sword, it seems like the battle has already been fought).

Very interesting shading style! Very unique, and the shading style differs depending on the texture being shaded. Color scheme is somewhat industrial (I picture industrial as shades of grey with occasional rusty brown) with strong influences from post-apocalyptic and/or steampunk. The character design is very unique, and I feel that you were creative with it (I could try to guess what your inspirations were, but I'd probably end up listing everything from bioshock to borderlands).

Very nice detail, a mysterious and likeable story, and bucketloads of creativity!


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AmericanRobot responds:

Wow, thanks for such a nice comment! I tried to bring out the metal and cloth textures using shading and lighting. It could still use some work, but I'm glad you were able to pick up on what i was aiming for.

Over and over Over and over

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very smooth!

Your stylistic choice is brilliant in two ways:

1. Obviously, simplistic drawings are easier to animate.

2. Style is shockingly similar to the scale-model dinosaur diagrams on Wikipedia. I don't know if this was intentional, but it's cool for a dinosaur fan like me to see.

Animation is smooth, the details such as the waving tail and lurching, heavy stride are present in the T-Rex. These details weren't applied to the raptors, but that's OK because they're relatively small in comparison.

FUN FACT: The largest discovered dinosaur was an herbivore, weighing an unbelievable (even by dinosaur standards) 122 tons, and it's spine was 60 meters in length.

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MasterMerol responds:

I used some references, I wanted them to be accurated enough, but a bit cartoonized. Still I think I didn't nailed the velociraptors running.

THAT'S SICK! Just imagine a beast like that :O